The Lifeguard Virtual Emergency Response System

The Lifeguard Virtual Emergency Response System

is (VERS)atile

Lifeguard’s Virtual Emergency Response System and application (VERS) on the evan platform can be tailored for the benefit of residents living in residential care housing; such as senior and dementia care, hospitals, halfway and recovery houses, and prisons. By adapting VERS and tailoring it to the specific needs in this care sector, Lifeguard has developed an assistance tool with a holistic approach to ensuring safety and independence for residents in their communities.
As adults, we like to make our own decisions. That desire for autonomy doesn’t end when we are in any kind of residential care or when we become seniors with special needs. Our non-invasive wearable technology will monitor vital signs and can detect unusual occurrences such as falls or irregular breathing that will signal an alert for an assistance. Two hardware solutions are implemented and customized to the residential facility and their residents who are monitored by a staff-monitored control panel.


Residential Mounted Tablet

A mounted tablet boldly displays key information:

Resident Name

Current Date

Current Time

Key Phone Numbers

Key Email Addresses

Room Number

The tablet is equipped with audio and visual technology to monitor breathing, falls, injuries, and stress calls for help. If a person is in an immediate threat to life, the tablet will alert a secured direct connection to 911 Emergency Responders and staff simultaneously.

The VERS Control Panel

The control panel monitors both the room tablet and the mobile wearable to give staff situational awareness of all rooms fitted with the monitoring equipment. Staff are able to remotely make contact with residents when required and respond when required in a timely manner.


Mobile Wearable

Our wearable device will include key features:

Physical Vitals

GPS Tracking

Voice Connection for Distress Calls

Current Date & Time

Resident Name

911 Emergency Connection

Other Apps & Features In Development

evan continually invests in research and development always looking for better ways and new areas where we can save lives and assist in making living safer.  Look for new product launches in 2020.